Penile Adjustable Loop- New Improved

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Quick Overview:

Adjustable Constriction Ring re-useable ring is used to treat men with erectile dysfunction or impotence. The adjustable constriction ring is intended to improve erection of the penis.

Product Description

NEW IMPROVED PAL (PENILE ADJUSTABLE LOOP) Venous Leak Controller Helps Maintain an Erection

Take the guess out of what size band to order, works with all Vacuum Erection Devices     

More Durable and Grips better than previous bands?

More Durable and Grips better than previous bands     

Latex Free Adjustable Penile Loop. Directions included.

SSome men are able to get an erection but find that their erection does not last long enough for satisfactory intercourse. This is often due to a condition known as venous leak. Many of these men can be helped with the use of an adjustable tension ring. The Adjustable Band is an Adjustable Constriction Loop that is placed and tightened at the base of the penis. With proper tension, the ring will be comfortable to the user but also provide enough additional pressure to prevent blood from flowing back into the body, thus maintaining an erection. Instructions are included.

Easy to use! This is an adjustable constriction device, similar to a constriction ring. However, with the ease of sliding adjustment, it’s a one size fits all device. Simply pull one side to adjust tension on the penis and pull the opposite side to release. The VED Band can be used with or without the Vacuum Erection System. This product is made from medical grade silicone. The Active Band can be safely left in place for up to 30 minutes. Remove after 30 minutes to avoid possible injury.

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