Premium Vaginal Dilator For Women BPA Free Plastic 7-Pack

Price £55.00

Quick Overview:

Vaginal dilators (also known as vaginal trainers) are tools to help restore or expand the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissues. They help women to begin or resume vaginal penetration, whether for sexual activity, use of tampons, or tolerance of a gynecological exam.

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Product Description

Vaginal dilators can be used for home self management of painful intercourse in conjunction with clinical treatment. Using vaginal dilators at home can complement clinical therapy and allow self paced treatment progression. It is advisable to seek medical consultation and work with a health professional when using vaginal dilators in the home setting.
Select the smallest dilator for your personal comfort
Warm the dilator in warm water prior to use
Position your body comfortably lying down with your knees resting supported over a pillow
Place a small amount of water-based lubricant on the tip of the dilator
Start out with relaxed breathing exercises before using the dilator
Relax your breathing as you gently touch the dilator to your tissues or insert the vaginal dilator to a comfortable depth always making sure that you feel comfortable throughout treatment
Use the dilator for as long as feels comfortable for your body
Gradually progress the length of treatment and dilator size according to your personal comfort
Ensure that treatment is always very comfortable and pain free.

DilatorSize 1 – 7 cm x 1.3 cm (2.75 inches x 0.51 inches)
Dilator Size 2 – 7.6 cm x 1.7 cm (3 inches x  0.66 inches)
Dilator Size 3 – 10.16 cm x 2.2 cm (4 inches x 0.86 inches)
Dilator Size 4 – 12.7 cm x 2.7 cm (5 inches x 1.06 inches)
Dilator Size 5 – 13.97 cm x 3.2 cm (5.5 inches x 1.25 inches)
Dilator Size 6 – 15.24 cm x 3.8 cm (6 inches x 1.5 inches)
Dilator Size 7 – 16.5 cm x 4.3 cm (6.5 inches x 1.7 inches)

Customer reviews

This dilator set has worked really well for me. My physician instructed me to order this plastic set and for the money this is the best deal. I like that it has seven total sizes and an easy transition between each of them.

Posted By: Helen

Posted on: Mar 22, 2022
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